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Maui’s Grand Adventures!

Follow the real-life stories of Maui the wiener dog.

Maui is a dachshund who loves going on adventures with her family. The Christmas holiday is a brand-new adventure for Maui. She learns about her family’s traditions from her sister Lexi. As they experience the joy of the holiday together, Maui discovers that giving is better than receiving!

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Maui is a Dachshund puppy who loves going on adventures with her family! But in her new adventure, she has to go alone. Though intimidated by all the different dogs she sees at Best Friends Furever, she bravely makes the first step toward making friends. This is a story of how Maui finds friendship in her newest grand adventure! Buy on Amazon.com

Maui is a sweet dachshund puppy who loves her life with her doggie family in Arkansas! Everything is perfect until one day when she is told she will be taking a grand adventure to a new loving family in another state! She is not sure if this adventure is going to be fun or if she even wants a new family, but she finds courage each step of the way. This story tells all about Maui’s journey home! Buy on Amazon.com

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